Friday, October 31, 2008

I was on a three months hiatus, I"M BACK, and I've got lots of fun pictures and posts for family and friends. I promise not to take so long next time. It's hard to teach this old dog new tricks.

Keaton and Kennadys baptism

Happy Day, Keaton and Kennady were baptized on Oct 25th, is was a wonderful day, Tim and Em came from Utah, Timmy Baptized Keaton and Papa baptized Kennady, it was very nice to have so many of our family there. A large group from their ward was also their, it was a wonderful day. They were confirmed on Sunday, Papa confirmed Kennady, and Uncle Aaron confirmed Keaton.

Jackson and Choe!

Wednesday is my Chloe and Jackson day, I tend them both, sometimes things get wild, and the playpend is Chloes safe place, from dogs and Jackson. As you can see, she is very happy there.

Carsons 7th birthday

Carsons 7th birthday, we had a litle family party for Carson at our house, he got lots of fun stuff, and loves his Papa!!

Jacksons first birthday!

Jackson had his first birthday, as you can see it was a pirate birthday. He had lots of fun with his friends and cousins. He was so funny he really didn't want anything to do with his cake. See how funny Chloe and Nikki are in their pirate picture! Lee and Michael, matching shirts? Best friends taking it to far? Me and my beautiful best friend Jillane.


Jenny, Joyce, me, & Amy
My niece Jenny had her third baby, Camper a couple of months ago, and it was so fun to see the family. It was great to visit with Joyce and catch up. We also got to see Amy, Melissa and Marian and all the kids.

Labor Day in Parowan

Every year as many as are able come to Parowan to spend the weekend. We had fun being silly in the back yard, badminton games etc. As you can see, our dogs think they are lap dogs! Jackson and Chloe were ready for a day of Antiquing! Nikkie and Aaron ran a 5K, then we watched the parade with Jo and Sharon. Timmy and Emily scored a few antique pieces they redid from the fun raiser yard sale.

Carsons day at Gilcrease

This summer I decided to let each Grandchild have his own day, this was Carsons at Gilcrease, Aunt Andee, and cousin Jackson went with us, we had a ball picking all kinds of fruits and veggies!Keaton had a day with Papa, sports and dinner, Kennady and I had sewing lessons, and she made a skirt she could wear to church. ( I forgot to take pictures, next time I'll do better)

"Joey and the Deacons"

Over the summer Joey would have his Deacons over for a day of swimming and rock star, I walked in and this is what I saw, it was so funny , I had to get pictures!

4th July

For the 4th of July we went fishing in the mountains, Jackson loved it. No fish, not one!!
Only in Utah, I was at a stop light, and a herd of sheep were going through the intersection, cracked me up, kodak moment!